Sanctuary Stables

Meet the Staff



Nicole Hock (Nikki)

Sanctuary Stables Founder/President

Certified (EAP) (EAL)


Nikki Hock has been an Equestrian for over 20 years, and a lifetime Horse, Animal and Nature Lover. She is passionate about sharing her Love and knowledge of horses with others. She loves being able to facilitate the magical and healing experience to the children and adults who come to work with her ponies and horses, and other rescue animals. Nikki began her "horse career" as a child, successfully competing in Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat Equitation, Jumping, Dressage, and Barrel Racing. She is currently an Endurance Rider, competing in 25 to 50 mile rides on her Half-Arabians, Zara and Joey. She has studied Classical Dressage and Natural and Native American Horsemanship, and has taught Foundations in Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Centered Riding for many years in Southern California and New York. She has been actively involved with horse and animal rescue for many years before creating Sanctuary Stables, which she knows is her Spiritual Calling. She serves as part of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance, to help both horses and humanity.


Angelica Guarjardo

Sanctuary Stables Lead Therapist



Angelica Guajardo, MA, FT, LMFT is a Licensed Psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a Certified Thanatologist holding a Fellow in Thanatology awarded by the Association for Death Education and Counseling. She specializes in Death, Dying and Bereavement. She is currently in private practice in Palm Springs, California where she provides therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. She facilitates grief groups.


As a psychotherapist and Equine Assisted Psycho-Therapist, she treats:


Angelica is a Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Lead Clinician for Casting For Recovery CFR.


She will conduct:


Allison Renck



"I've been involved with horses since I was 10. I worked at a small horse ranch while I was attending college before I went into the family business. And then when we sold the family business I changed occupations and became an LMFT."




Professional Affiliations and Special Trainings


Kimberly Akins

Business Advisor & Veterans Programs Coordinator


"Wounds we cannot see are no less painful or disabling than those we can.  As a combat veteran myself, a daughter of Special Forces, and a Navy spouse, I understand the unique situation many military families must face. Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy offers specialized care to those with emotional or behavioral struggles. The medical field is rushing to catch up with understanding what horse lovers have long known, the healing power of horses.  It's wonderful to be a part of giving back to those who have given so much."