Sanctuary Stables

Senior Outreach Medicine Pony Program

(For Assisted Living and Senior Care Centers)





Mature adults face many changes. Some feel isolated and cut off from the people and things they care about. They may be lonely or depressed, while others are looking for new challenges and social opportunities. Our Senior Outreach Medicine Pony Program offers something for everybody! While interacting with the ponies, seniors will have fun and be challenged to learn about animal communication and herd behavior in a very unique way. When physically appropriate, Seniors will learn how to halter, feed, lead and groom the ponies. Visits with our gentle Medicine Ponies brings joy and excitement to their lives, and often prompts seniors to remember and share their past experiences with horses. By adding physical, social and mental stimulation to their routines, seniors’ lives become richer and healthier. And besides, they’ll have something new and exciting to talk about!!


Centers can schedule visitation by our Medicine Ponies at their facility, or schedule a trip to Sanctuary Stables in our park-like setting.