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Medicine Ponies


Medicine comes in many forms. Our ponies and other equines come and heal with their gentle medicine and ask only for appreciation in return. Some may call our ponies “miracle ponies”—and rightly so as they provide physical, emotional, and behavioral benefits. Research has validated that interactions with animals can reduce our stress levels and increase our levels of well being. More recently, the benefits of using horses in animal assisted therapies and activities has been well documented, by being an integral component in the success of treatments and educational programs. The list of afflictions aided by our Medicine Ponies is truly a long one. Our team of therapy ponies and horses aid Children with Special Needs, the elderly with Alzheimer's disease or in assisted living programs, and adults and children with disabilities. They also work with foster and at risk and abused children, as well as people of all ages suffering from grief. Emotional and mental wounds can be mended by bonding with these large, gentle animals. We provide mobile services around Southern California, and Sanctuary Stables is available for on-site sessions and visitation in a peaceful and beautiful park-like setting.



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