Sanctuary Stables

Children with Special Needs


From Children's Autism Centers to foster homes, our ponies come and heal with their gentle medicine, and bring love, smiles and excitement to special needs children wherever they go! Some may call our ponies “miracle ponies”—and rightly so as they provide physical, emotional, and behavioral benefits.


We offer Interactive Therapeutic Horsemanship Activities and Experiences with our Medicine Ponies for Special Needs Children of all ages, as well as PONY RIDES (Hippotherapy) for children up to 75 pounds!! Research has validated that interactions with horses can reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. More recently, as the benefits of animal assisted therapies and activities have been documented, such programs are becoming an integral component in successful treatments and education.


Centers can schedule visitation by our Medicine Ponies at their facility, or schedule a trip to Sanctuary Stables in our park-like setting.